Help Save Individuals and Families Impacted by Addiction

We are resolute in helping an estimated 10,000 individuals who are impacted by addiction by the end of 2024 and we need your help! Join us in progressing toward our long-term vision of having Catholic in Recovery meetings and resources in every Catholic diocese around the world. Our concept of uniting individuals and families seeking freedom from addiction to find hope and healing through the Twelve Steps and the sacraments is proving to work—the impact we can make together around the world is nearly unlimited.

Will you offer hope and healing to individuals and families impacted by addiction with a one-time donation or a monthly recurring gift? The Catholic in Recovery community is grateful for you considering any type of financial support for those seeking freedom from the shackles of addiction. To get a better idea of the impact your financial support can make, consider the following:

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One-Time Gifts:

A $200 donation subsidizes the internal net cost of starting 1 in-person CIR group (5 of 50 received)
A $500 donation goes to a fund offering scholarships for individuals who would like to attend a CIR retreat in the next year but are unable to afford it (2 of 12)
A $1,500 donation covers our net costs of hosting 1 retreat for individuals and families impacted by addiction in the next year with an average attendance of 50 people (1 of 7)
A $4,000 donation allows us to produce, edit, and share a new video course and module to be added to CIR+, our digital resource platform (goal of 4)
A $10,000 donation allows us to adapt Catholic in Recovery resources in Spanish (goal of 1)

Monthly Recurring Gifts:

$25/month contributes to hosting fees, recording software, and editing services to maintain and expand virtual meetings, webinars, and events (4 of 20)
$50/month supports our expanding network of leaders and volunteers around the world (4 of 15)
$100/month supports ongoing website improvements, technical support, and digital platform maintenance (1 of 8)
$250/month supports research and development of new Catholic in Recovery resources with plans to launch the following in coming years: a Catholic in Recovery Bible, annual and seasonal daily reflection books, monthly devotionals, a thorough exploration of saints related to addiction recovery, and much more (goal of 6)


Thank you,

Scott Weeman, Founder & Executive Director

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